Paris’ New Crush – Demi and Ashton Party in Iowa

February 12, 2007

Sky News reports today that Paris Hilton has a crush on none other than Kim Stewart. The Pledge This! star tells the British music magazine Top Of The Pops that Kim is “is hysterical. She’s six feet tall, blonde, beautiful and has luscious blue eyes.” Actually, on her modeling card, (which Trent so wonderfully brought to my attention) Rod’s daughter is listed as 5″10′. Anyway enough about that, Paris’ further swoons “She’s hot. I feel so comfortable with her and I can just act like myself.” Now what does that actually mean, Kim’s Hot? Because isn’t everything in Paris’ world Hot? Anyway, Stewart wasn’t the only one to have nice things said about her, Paris also commented on Nicole Richie saying “I hope that Nicole is happy and healthy and having a good life.”


Paris Hilton Edits New Album

February 11, 2007

Paris Hilton

The New York Daily News reports that Radio DJs in the Big Apple are pleasantly suppressed by Paris Hilton’s new single Stars Are Blind. Sharon Dastur, program director of WHTZ (100.3 FM) told the paper “We get text messages that say, ‘I wanted to hate it, but I don’t.’” Even though Todd Pettengill one of the station’s morning show DJs says he thinks the song got a significant amount of help from it’s producers like Scott Storch, he finishes “though that’s true for a lot of songs today.” Dastur goes on to say that her station would play the song whether it was well received or not because the song fits into the station genre. Yet, even though people were a little skeptical when the song came in “It was actually pretty good. [Warner Bros.] was smart to pick out a song like this for her,” the program director said.

Hello world!

February 11, 2007

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